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Mark’s book, Drunk Log, is now available from Speaking Volumes Publishing.

Drunk Log: Guilt, Hope and Redemption Underpin Dark Comedy

Drunk Log is the story of Jack Current, a young engineer who has decided to end his life, but not until after a final bar crawl through his downtown Cincinnati neighborhood.

Accompanying him during his final hours is a dollar store notebook. The Drunk Log. In it he documents the evening, ruminates on his existence, and remembers his seven-year-old nephew, who died exactly a year earlier. It is a loss for which he feels responsible and for which neither he nor his family are willing to offer forgiveness. Unable to make amends or unburden himself of the oppressive guilt, Jack has come to the conclusion that jumping off a bridge into the Ohio River would make things easier for everyone.

Jack’s evening begins at his local watering hole, where a gregarious bartender named Aria, with whom he shares a mutual attraction, takes a surreptitious peek at Jack’s journal. Sensing Jack is headed to the same doom that claimed her sister, Aria decides to intervene.

Tracking him down in the middle of a winter storm, Aria and Jack finally meet on the freezing, snowy bridge, where an unexpected moment of baptism and rebirth brings them even closer together.

Can they emerge from their individual cocoons of loss and suffering, save each other, and rewrite their stories? This dark and hopeful comedy, which takes place from happy hour until midnight, is continued in Books Two and Three, as the unexpected, twisted saga of Jack and Aria unfolds over a combined period of twenty-four hours.

Drunk Log
Publisher: Speaking In Volumes, LLC
Release Date: February 2022
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Drunk Log