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First Date Book Cover

First Date

A day in the Life


It was a dark and snowy night, and Jack and Aria should have been dead. Instead, they find themselves shivering on a riverbank, having survived a fall from the bridge into the currents and debris of the Ohio River. Lucky enough to slam into an anchored barge, they emerge from the water stunned, bruised and still somewhat drunk. Now they must work their way through the muck of the riverside to solid ground. Fully intent on ending it all just minutes before, Jack finds himself clinging to Aria for dear life—a life he feels just might be worth living after all.

Follow Jack and Aria through the next eight hours of their story—hours harrowing, ludicrous and poignant—as they grapple with law enforcement, EMTs, firemen, and the medical system. Confronted by an over-zealous sheriff’s deputy, the formidable Nurse Rita, and a drunken priest with anger management issues, they are forced to navigate the immediate aftermath of their bifurcated bar crawl through a blizzard.

First Date is a story of individuals haunted by suicide, remorse and unanswered questions: questions whose answers are not to be found in the bottom of a bottle. Secrets are revealed and souls are bared, but answers are still elusive. For now, they only have each other, a notebook and a teddy bear.